Who We Are

Brothers for Life is a non-profit organization, created and run by disabled Israeli officers, which gives critical and immediate help to disabled Israeli combat soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the safety of the Jewish people.

Brothers for Life was founded in 2008 with the understanding of the difficulty in dealing with the injury and the attendant needs. Brothers for Life assists the wounded fighters and their families in the process of physical, mental and social rehabilitation they must undergo. The organization places great emphasis on social activities that benefit the emotional state of the wounded soliders.. This activity brings together different combatants who share their personal experiences. This cooperation is an important factor in the rehabilitation process. In addition, the organization provides extensive assistance in a variety of fields to combatants and their families


Soldiers Speak



Injured soldiers helping injured soldiers
100% of your money goes directly to help wounded soldiers

The Brother's House

The name of the place attests to its essence. The Brothers House is the heart and center of the association’s activities. The house is a second home for friends, and sometimes even a first place – where they can rest and relax, meet with friends, talk, learn, undergo treatments, practice and feel that this is their home. During the year there are many activities at the Brothers’ House, including content workshops, tutorials, social gatherings, fun days, lectures and various events.

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