“Brothers for Life” (RA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping IDF soldiers who were injured during their military service – in operational activities and in Israel’s wars.

Understanding the difficulties in dealing with the injury and the many needs that accompany it, the association was established in 2008. The organization’s main goal is to assist the injured soldier in the process of rehabilitation that he undergoes, physical and mental rehabilitation that often accompanies adaptation to new and different situations in his personal life and those of those around him.

The organization provides assistance to combatants and their families, including medical assistance, legal advice, scholarships and financial support. The organization also directs its members to various rehabilitation agencies.

The organization places great emphasis on social activities that help to improve the emotional state of the fighters. This activity brings together different fighters who share their personal experiences and help one another.

We believe that despite the difficult experience the warrior is exposed to, it is possible to live a healthy and happy life even after the injury. The right of the fighters who gave their bodies and souls for the defense of the people and the homeland, to continue to live with dignity.

The organization is run by combat officers and combat soldiers, who have experienced combat injuries and underwent rehabilitation procedures from these injuries.

Economic assistance

The Foundation has its own assistance fund for the purpose of receiving financial assistance in various fields, such as medical assistance, legal aid, housing assistance, business assistance and scholarships.

In addition, the organization is happy and proud to give grants to members who mark significant events in their lives – a marriage grant, a birth grant, a birthday grant, and food stamps on holidays.


In May 2006, Gil Ganonyan, an officer from the elite Duvdevan unit met Rabbi Chaim, a leader in the Jewish community of Seattle during a visit to the United States. A month later, the Second Lebanon War broke out and Rabbi Chaim met Gil in Israel along with four other leaders from the Seattle Jewish community.

They distributed funds to those Israelis who were embattled in bomb shelters. During the trip, they visited Haifa’s Rambam hospital where scores of injured soldiers were rushed from the Lebanese border. Gil, who just two years before survived being shot through the neck by a Hamas terrorist in Bethlehem, went from hospital bed to hospital bed reaching out to these newly injured soldiers, many of whom were fighting for their lives. He told them he had been through what they were facing and that he was there to help in any way needed. The incredible trust and connection between Gil and these injured soldiers was palpable and anyone could see the hope beginning to take hold within them. Gil was another soldier, one of their .brothers, who had come back from the other side of an injury to help

Between Rabbi Chaim and Gil, a bond developed that was based on a fierce desire among the community to assist and aid the soldiers who were wounded and sacrificed their health and spirit for the sake of Israel and the Jewish People throughout the world.

The Foundation was formed in May 2007 when a delegation of 10 wounded soldiers, who sustained injury in the uprising and during the second Lebanon War, left for Seattle, Washington in the United States. During the mission, the members underwent a change of thought and mindset and we saw that Rabbi Chaim’s teaching method is effective and greatly aids in reshaping the complex new state of mind fighters are left in when they are injured in battles and wars.

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