In 2008, during the first days of the association, the directors and members of the association came to visit wounded fighters in various hospitals throughout the country.

Many friends who visited them remember the visit as a turning point in the life after the injury. In 2012, with the understanding that there were a large number of wounded hospitalized, it was decided to set up the team.

The wounded visit team was carefully selected and now has 15 members with different levels and injuries. Visits of the injured are done in pairs from the staff and according to the levels of injury.

The team is divided according to residential areas, in order to provide a quick and efficient response to the injured and his family.

It is exciting to see that during the course of the year, every new member of the Amuta who was visited by the staff is thrilled by the activities of the organization and, moreover, is happy to see how in a short time, the new casualty becomes one of the closest members of the visiting staff.

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