Social Projects

The association believes that creating a permanent framework helps the injured soldier to return to normal life. Therefore, the association maintains more than 15 social projects on a regular basis

All the projects are the creation of the members that the association helps them make a dream a reality! Each year the organization’s management chooses one of the projects to be the “flag” project.


The association and its members serve as a unique bridge between Israel and Diaspora Jewry.

The understanding that service as fighters in the army is not only for Israel but for all Jews everywhere is important for empowering the wounded warrior.

Each year, a number of missions are sent to various destinations around the world: New York Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Toronto, India, Mexico City And more.

During the delegation, the members are hosted by the homes of Jewish families who open their hearts to friends.

The members hold a dialogue with the community, in which they meet with students and youth, Holocaust survivors and businessmen. During the delegation, the members walk, rest, enjoy themselves and return to Israel with renewed strength.

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