“Here is what is good and what is pleasant, to be brought together” (Psalms, 133).

Achim LaChaim has one mission: to assist and support the fighters, our dear sons, who were wounded and sacrificed from their bodies and souls, out of a mission, to protect the residents of Israel and the Jewish people.

Each of them saw death on the battlefield and then faced the equally difficult challenge of overcoming despair and the terrible loneliness after the injury. This is the moment when a miracle happens called brothers to life.

The moment when you enter the room of the Brothers for Life Hospital, the members of the association who have been wounded themselves, who have undergone similar experiences and have coped with the unbearable challenges. Those who held the outstretched hand toward them when they needed it and now handed it to others.

The brothers of life are those who at first sight, without words, understand the distress and with a second glance undertake to do whatever it takes to help. The Brothers of Life takes place every day, through the visits of the injured, with the ongoing support, through the many projects that operate in the organization, in joint delegations to various places in the world and in fact in the new life as a real family.

Sharing and support are the brothers’ engine for life. The new and veteran, whether injured in body or soul, draw renewed forces from each other to continue normal life, full of aspirations and dreams to win the despair every day anew.

Just as they fought on the battlefield, they continue to fight for their brethren and their mission remind us that we live not only for our own sake, but also for the fate of our families, friends and peoples.

As a community rabbi who lives in Seattle, the United States, I am proud and amazed every day to reconnect with the new stories, to be a partner with the wounded soldiers and to see the process they are going through.

This miracle that happens every day is a tremendous honor for us.

Thank you for allowing this to happen.

Chaim Levin.

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